Why LabCamera? Here's why!

For Schools and Teachers

Benefits for schools:

  • • Saves thousands of dollars by eliminating the need for expensive lab equipment
  • • Incorporates data from old and obsolete instruments into computer based analysis and learning programs
  • • Enhances performance of students in natural science studies
  • • Facilitates the work of teachers thereby improving their performance
  • • Bridges the gap between school and home education
  • • Enhances school and teacher competitiveness
  • • Purchasing an unlimited license grants authority to schools to pass the software on to enrolled students, giving something of true value which parents will appreciate

Benefits for students:

  • • Provides playful and fun experimentation and learning experiences
  • • Awakens instinctive curiosity towards nature and our surroundings
  • • Aids in-depth understanding of natural science principles and phenomena
  • • Develops skills of abstraction and projection (showing relations between graphs and reality, similarities and differences between idealized objects and reality, etc.)
  • • Provides opportunities to safely experiment at home, even to complete homework or a really cool lab report
  • • Teaches through the experience of success instead of failure
  • • Boosts self confidence and eliminates classroom pressure and time limitations (when used at home)

Benefits for teachers:

  • • Puts science and nature into a new perspective, making natural science studies interesting and exciting
  • • Provides an instrument that inspires students to think creatively
  • • May be used in almost all fields of natural science
  • • Teachers may carry out spectacular, computer-aided classroom experiments with the most ordinary, everyday objects
  • • Students may at the same time do the same experiment – develops the art of teamwork
  • • Provides a growing database of experimental possibilities (video-based presentations)
  • • Makes homework a lot more fun, helps the recognition of cross-science coherence

Here are you options in case you are interested:

  • • Download the 15-day free trial LabCamera from the stores.
  • • We are ready to provide your school with a pilot adoption involving your key educators and tech personnel. Naturally, our pilots are free of any obligations so there is no risk involved on your side.

Students / Parents

For parents
Would you like your child to excel in science studies while enjoying playful learning?

All kids are natural born scientists. Even at the very early age of 2-3 years old, children tend to be fascinated by the surrounding world. They are eager to get acquainted with the everyday regularities of science that fill their world, and seek to understand why things happen the way they do. This instinctive curiosity towards natural science subjects often fades away quickly after students start learning about them in school. The abstract teaching methods, textbook based science education, lack of hands on experiences and what we call “chalk physics” often result in the loss of interest in science subjects among children. As an alternative, LabCamera provides a fun, playful and engaging way for students to engage with substantial scientific exploration at home, eliminating classroom pressure and time limitations.

Were you impressed with our software?

Would you like to see this kind of lessons in your school? Would you like it if your school was using LabCamera and allowed you to use it at home as well? Because we believe that every child should have access to the best learning methods available, we strongly support parents to recommend LabCamera to school administrators or science teachers. Ask them to email us at info@intellisen.se and we’ll get back to them as soon as possible.

For students
Do you enjoy physics, chemistry, biology and earth science classes at school?

If the answer is not a clear YES or you would just like more hands-on experiments in class and at home, you should try LabCamera! Can you imagine how cool it would be to do the same experiments at home that you have done in class? Find out if ants are moving randomly or following trails! Calculate the velocity of a 3 pointer by LeBron James! Find out how clouds form and move! Catch your pet lizard finally hunting for flies. Sounds exciting?

Amaze your class and teacher by preparing a lab report with LabCamera!

Education Decision makers

“In many campuses the teacher acts as an information delivering agent who tends to promote memorization rather than conceptual understanding.”
George Varghese, Declining Trend in Science Education and Research in Indian Universities

“American high schools still remain highly departmentalized, stratified, and continue to teach subjects in isolation, with little to no attempts to draw connections among the STEM disciplines.”
Hays Blaine Lantz, Jr., Ed.D., 2009

Are you involved in shaping the education system in your country?

One of the biggest challenges in education nowadays is the decreasing number of graduates in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines. There are several ways to fight this phenomenon:

  • • Make STEM academic careers lucrative;
  • • Communicate science achievements widely;
  • • Make STEM disciplines interesting;

How can LabCamera help?

  • • By combining STEM disciplines for a higher level of understanding of science problems;
  • • By keeping students’ natural curiosity alive and make it contagious through online communities;
  • • By supporting efforts aimed at adopting the blended learning concept;
  • • By supports flip teaching through InstaLab functionality;
  • • By reduceing costs: No need to buy expensive gear to schools, no need to travel to specialized labs for an experiment - all that is needed is the existing IT infrastructure and our software.
  • • By being simple! Teachers can start using LabCamera from day zero. We give them ready-made inspirations for a start and help them and their students unleash their scientific creativity.

Solutions to educational transformation and the pursuit of educational excellence are complex, but we are confident that adopting LabCamera on a national or regional level helps to catalyse student engagement and devotion towards STEM disciplines.

In case you are involved in planning a national education transformation program in your country, we would love to help you integrate LabCamera in your educational software strategy!

We have a dedicated team supporting public decision makers in benchmarking and evaluation, so feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you.