Does LabCamera require a lot of training and preparation before using it?

LabCamera was built for teachers and students to make teaching and learning STEM related subjects much easier to understand. All the tips and tricks can be found in the manual available on our website and in the LabCamera software menu. We recommend teachers and students to read the manual before using LabCamera for the first time.

Can I use any type of camera with LabCamera?

Yes. Any built-in or USB webcam can be used, there is no need for any special equipment. However, for best results with microscope module, we recommend a manual focus macro enabled camera because this will enable cell level measurement. Built in cameras will also work fine for most modules, however, you might need to use a clip on or a stick-on lense for Microscope.

Do you also manufacture webcams?

No, Intellisense does not manufacture webcams. Although we are currently not manufacturing webcams, we are working with manufacturers to create an ideal webcam to use with LabCamera and will let all our fans know when it’s available. All seven functions work fine with any regular webcam, only Microscope is a bit more dependent on what kind of webcam you use.

Are there any lesson plans/curriculum?

Yes, click HERE and get access to 100+ downloadable science resources for LabCamera!

Can I use pre-recorded experiments in LabCamera?

Yes. All modules enable loading pre-recorded media. At the same time, it makes more sense in case of certain modules, like Kinematics and Microscope, while much less in case of MotionCam.

Can I save data into an Excel compatible format for further examination?

Yes, in the modules where data is the output you are looking for will allow you to save in .csv format so you can customize your data examination.

How can I calculate the time interval between frames if I need a 2 minutes recording of a 2 day period?

In order to do this calculation, you will need the FPS (frames per seconds) of your video. You can set it, but by default it’s 30. 2 minutes is 2*60=120 seconds. So a two minutes recording with 30FPS will consist of 30*120 = 3600 frames. 2 days is 2*24*60*60=172 800 seconds. To get the time interval between frames, just divide 172800 by 3600. This gives us 48 seconds between each frame.

Can I combine the modules in one experiment?

For the moment, you would have to, for example, record a Time Lapse video and load it into Pathfinder, so practically yes, but you can’t simultaneously run more than one module of LabCamera and use them combined in one experiment.

Is LabCamera expensive?

Because we believe that every child should have access to the best educational tools available, our prices are accessible to every student, parent or teacher. In fact, teachers get it for free after signing up to our Intellisense for Science Teachers program

Can I become a LabCamera reseller?

Yes, we are constantly lloking for partners worldwide! For any business inquiries please contact us!

Can my school use LabCamera?

Please contact us and we'll figure out the best pricing and licensing combination for your school.